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Welcome to the Virtual Tour

Foto dell'Istituto

Surfing Tips

You can surf this website in three ways:

  1. By using page hyperlinks, which allow to get deeper into the tour or even go back to a previous page.
  2. By using the quick start menu on the left side. This is expecially useful when you wanto to reach a specific page quickly.
  3. By using the interactive map. In this case, just click on proper link on the left side. A popup window will open showing the school satellite photo. You can then choose the place to visit.

Plugins Needed

This tour has lots of panoramic pictures, which require Apple QuickTime to be displayed. Please click the link below to get this plugins if you dont' have it installed.

If you wish to read the documentation, instead, you will need Adobe Reader. You don't have this software installed, you can download it directly from the producer website using the link below.

Download Apple QuickTime Download Adobe Reader

Per una migliore navigazione si consiglia una risoluzione minima di 1024x768 e:

                Get Internet Explorer 7
                Get Firefox
                Get Opera